1 All CAHA, GTHL rules & regulations apply except where modified by tournament rules.  The Tournament Director and/or Committee have final say on all rules and regulations and/or the interpretation of those.
In the event there is a discrepancy between the Rules published in the Tournament Program and the Rules published on the website the website shall be considered correct.
OHF Minimum Suspension List will be used for the Tournament
2 The Referee's decision is final.  No protests will be heard on a referee's decision.
3 All teams must register at the arena tournament office at least 45 minutes prior to their first game with the following documents:
a. Approved tournament permission form from your league
b. Registered players and coaches CAHA, GTHL certificate cards or photocopies of cards for the current season.  Mininum 12 Players, Maximum 19 Players
c. Registered Trainers Certificate
4 All teams must have a certified trainer on the bench at all times during their games throughout the tournament or arrange with the opposing team to cover injuries
5 All teams must be prepared to start their game up to twenty minutes prior to their scheduled start time.
6 If there is a 5-goal or greater spread in the 3rd period, the clock will be allowed to run.  If the spread becomes 3 goals or less, the clock will revert to stop time
7 If a rink falls behind schedule it is at the discretion of the Convenor to change the Flood times.
8 A point system will be used as follows:
Win:     2 points
Tie:       1 point
Loss:    0 points
9 Ties in the Round Robin series will be broken as follows:
2 Teams
a. Winner of the game between the two teams
b. Highest % (goals for) / (sum of goals for and against)
c. Most goals for
d. Highest goals for minus goals against
e. Least penalty minutes
f. Coin toss
3 or more Teams
a. Highest % (goals for) / (sum of goals for and against)
b. Most goals for
c. Hightest goals for minus goals against
d. Least penalty minutes
10 In the event of a tie in a Semi-Final or Championship game the following will be played:
- a sudden victory overtime period of 4 minutes will be played 4 on 4;
- a sudden victory overtime period of 3 minutes will be played 3 on 3;
- a sudden victory overtime period of 2 minutes will be played 2 on 2;**
  ** (If a penalty is called with the 2 on 2 format only, a player will be added to the opposing team i.e. 3 on 2)
If still tied after the overtime periods, a shootout will be used to break the tie as follows:
- 3 players from each team will alternately shoot once on the opposing goalie - the team with the most goals wins.
- if still tied the shootout will be repeated with 3 new players until there is a winner
11 Pre-game WARM-UPS:
a. The warm up will be posted at 3 minutes + the length of the first period and the clock will continue to run until the first stoppage of play.  This allows all games to begin on time and prevent any untimely delays.
b. Should a team not be ready when the referee blows the whistle to start the game, the offending team will begin the game with a 2 minute penalty for delay of game.
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